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*We are local Certificated Bailiffs,  authorised by the County Courts, Licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and also with the Information Commissioner.
*We cover all of England & Wales
*We also have a network of Certificated Bailiffs throughout England & Wales who will provide the same quick, professional service.
*Whatever the Debt you want to recover call THE Bailiff Company for our unrivalled, cost effective solutions.
*Need Advice? You only have to give THE Bailiff Co a call. Our telephones are manned from early morning till late at night, weekdays and weekends.

THE Bailiff Company

Bailiffs throughout England & Wales

Debtor Tracing

Need a Debtor traced. Use THE Bailiff Company. Our Tracing Team have an unrivalled record of over 95% positive traces.

We may not be the cheapest, but we deliver, ALWAYS.

If you need that Debtor traced NOW, give our Bailiff led Trace Team a call.

Choose from our varied Bailiff services. Use the contact form and one of our fully trained advisors will telephone you back immediately

Certificated Bailiff: Bailiffs in England & Wales: Debt Collection in England & Wales

Remember, THE Bailiff Company system of Debt Recovery is faster, more efficient and more effective than that of other agencies. Our Bailiffs collect ALL debts.

THE Bailiff Company also have a Judgement Recovery Service, to those Creditors 'Stuck' with a worthless Judgement. Instructing the County Court Bailiffs is ineffective as mostly they work 'Office Hours' and they have to be paid whether or not the debt is collected. Our Bailiffs work 'round the clock' to ensure that your debtor is seen and your debt collected. You only pay THE Bailiff Company once we have collected your debts.


     Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales         Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales                Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales               Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales      


THE Bailiff Company offices are manned during normal office hours

and up to19:00 hours weekdays.

An Out of Hours service is always provided for weekends and Public Holidays with our 'Duty' Bailiffs on hand to give advice.

Our Bailiffs are always in a position to respond immediately to any situation and provide a Certificated Bailiff at short notice.


We are licensed by:-

    Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales         Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales       Bailiff, Bailiffs, England, Wales


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